Customers with Organizations Report

The Customers with Organizations report generates a list of all guests that have one or multiple organizations associated with their customer account.

Search Criteria

You are able to define the search criteria before running the report. This report contains many ways for you to narrow down the results of your search:

Customer Type
Choose whether or not to search for customers with orders.

  • Customers with Orders: Display customer accounts that are associated with one or multiple orders.
  • Customers without Orders: Display customer accounts not associated with any order.

An account may not be associated with an order if, for example, it was created when a party attendee signed a liability waiver, but a party has never been booked in that guest's name.

Start Date
If searching for customer with orders, you can set how far back you would like the report to search for orders associated with your customer's accounts. Please note that it may take longer to complete a search for a large date range.

End Date
If searching for customer with orders, you can set the end of the date range for this report's search.

Date Type
If searching for customer with orders, you can choose whether you would like this report to search for orders associated with your customer's accounts by order date or by party date.

  • Order Date: Search for customer accounts by the date that a party order was created in their name.
  • Party Date: Search for customer accounts by the date that a party in their name took place, or will take place in the future. Keep in mind that Point of Sale orders and Online Store orders do not have a party date, so those orders will be ignored when searching by party date.

Columns Overview

After running your report, you will see results similar to these:

Customer Name
This column contains the name of the primary account holder. Some accounts may contain more than one organization. In this case, you will see the primary account holder's name appear on multiple rows, one for each organization:

Last Order Date and Last Party Date
These columns display the last time an order was booked in this customer's name and the last party that took place in this customers name, respectively:

Waiver Date and Waiver Status
If you use our liability waiver system, these columns will display the date the guest signed a waiver and the status of their most recently signed waiver:

Organization Name 
This column contains the name (or names) of the organizations under the customer account. Multiple organizations may be associated with one primary customer:

Customers may choose to list a department for each organization. If this information is provided, it will display here:

Address 1 and 2, City, State, Zip, Phone, and Email
If you collect address, phone, or email information from your guests, that information will display here. This information applies to primary account holders as well as organizations, so you will see multiple rows with the same information if there are multiple organizations under the same account:

Note: You can change the information you require from your guests at any time through Admin > Required Customer Fields.

Do Not Solicit
Customer accounts can be marked as Do Not Solicit, meaning that they do not want to receive unsolicited emails or phone calls. This would apply to, for example, marketing emails. This would not include invoices or confirmation emails, etc. The customer is prompted to make this choice upon account creation. This column will display the current Do Not Solicit status of the account:

Tax Exempt 
Certain guests may be legally exempt from paying tax, such as churches or charity organizations. This flag can be set on each customer account, and this column will display the current Tax Exempt status of the account:

Facility Name
This column displays the name of your facility:

Filtering and Sorting Your Report Results

After you have run the report, you are given several ways to further refine your search results. These options are located in the menu on the left-hand side of your report results. Click on the four dots to expand this menu and utilize these options:


Click on the plus sign icon to add one, or several filters:
Click on a Filter to add it to your report results:
These filters will further narrow down the range of information that you would like to see:

Hiding and Displaying Columns
Under the Columns section, you will see a checkbox for each column in your report results. Unchecked columns will be hidden, and checked columns with display:

Exporting Report Results

Each report can be exported to several different file types.
Click on the export drop down to select a file type:
Click on the file type to which you wish to export to download your report results in that format. Please be aware that reports containing large amounts of data can take longer to export.

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