MerchantTrack Walkthrough

MerchantTrack is the online payment portal used to access transactions made with Party Center Pay. Any time you're curious about whether a transaction went through or not, MerchantTrack will have the answer for you. If you were interested in financial reports or need details on a specific transaction, the details will be found here.

Accessing MerchantTrack

When you were approved for Party Center Pay, you received a welcome email with a link and log in credentials to get started. Those credentials will get you into MerchantTrack, where you will be immediately prompted to change your password. You'll want to save that username and password, as well as the link for later use. If you're ever locked out of MerchantTrack, you can always reset your password or contact support for assistance.

If the welcome email wasn't sent to you, then you'll need to contact the individual who received the credentials. They'll be able to set you up with another account, or share the login information with you. 




The Dashboard provides you with a quick glance of your facility's recent activity. You can look at recent transactions, recent funding, and get a quick graph of daily sales volumes. This is the first screen you'll see when logging into MerchantTrack, and is a good way to get some information at a glance. 


Transaction Search


Whenever you need to find a specific transaction, or maybe a set of transactions, you'll do so from this tab. There are a variety of options for creating filters for limiting your search. Any transaction that is made over the system will appear on this list- failed transactions will also appear here as well (Provided the transaction reaches the credit processing step before failing). For more information on searching for transactions, you can visit this article.


Virtual Terminal


The Virtual Terminal allows you to take payments outside of Party Center Software. In the case that you aren't able to access PCS for whatever reason- maybe the system is down, there's a power outage, or the register isn't working- you can still access the virtual terminal and take payments there. For more information on using the virtual terminal, you can refer to this article.




Here, you can access various reports from within MerchantTrack.

  • Funding Summary Report- This shows a breakdown of all funding activity related to your merchant account. Deposits and fees will be shown here, with date and funding information. You can click on individual summary IDs for a more detailed view of which transactions are included in the batch.
  • Transaction Summary Report- This report gives a summary of all transactions within the specified time frame- good for a quick breakdown of a month's orders.
  • Funding by Transaction Report- This will display all transactions and the funding fees related to them during a specified time frame. 
  • Funding by Line Item Report- Line items are not a feature within PCS and this report will not have any functionality.
  • Chargeback Summary Report- When someone issues a chargeback against your facility, you will receive a notification from Fullsteam. This report will give you a summary of chargebacks in a certain time frame.
  • Chargeback Report- This will list chargebacks made against your facility. Clicking on a chargeback ID will give you more information related to the chargeback.
  • Transactions Report- This will give a list of transactions and some details for each transaction- card number, card holder, transaction date, fee charged, status of the transaction, etc.
  • Merchant Statement- After five days into the month, you will be able to access the previous month's merchant statement, which will provide a breakdown of all funding activity that occurred during the month.


User Management


The final section of MerchantTrack allows users to create other users and assign them permissions. This page goes into detail about how to create and manage users for your facility. If you want to grant others access to MerchantTrack without giving them your log in credentials, then this is the best way to do so. 

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