Connecting Your iSMP4 to a WiFi Network


This article will walk you through the steps involved in connecting an Ingenico iSMP4 chip reader to a network.


You should receive the following when you order your iSMP4:

You may use either the USB to USB-C Cable or the USB-C Power Adapter to power the chip reader.

  • If you choose to power the chip reader with the USB to USB-C Cable, follow step 1.1 and skip steps 2.1 through 2.3.
  • If you choose to power the chip reader with the USB-C Power Adapter, skip step 1.1 and follow steps 2.1 through 2.3.

Step 1

Both the USB-C Power Adapter and the USB to USB-C Cable have a USB-C plug on one end. The first step is to plug the USB-C end of the cable you wish to use into the iSMP4:
mceclip4.png  mceclip1.png

Step 1.1 (USB to USB-C Cable)

If you are powering the chip reader with the USB to USB-C Cable, the next step is to plug the standard USB end of the cable into any powered USB device:
mceclip2.png  mceclip3.png

Step 2.1 (USB-C Power Adapter)

If you are powering the chip reader with the USB-C Power Adapter, the next step is to choose the appropriate outlet adapter:

You will most likely be plugging the chip reader into an outlet that is compatible with the second option.

Step 2.2 (USB-C Power Adapter)

Once you have selected an outlet adapter, slide the outlet adapter onto the large end of the USB-C Power Adapter:
mceclip6.png  mceclip7.png

Step 2.3 (USB-C Power Adapter)

The last step to powering on the chip reader with the USB-C Power Adapter is to plug the adapter into a power outlet:


Step 3 (Connecting to WiFi)

These are the steps involved in connecting a Party Center Pay chip reader to a WiFi network.

  • To access the iSMP4 admin screen, quickly press the F key four times in a row.
  • Press F4 to select Access Points
  • Click New to choose the WiFi network you want to connect to. This will then scan for available access points.
  • Select your WiFi network using the green key.
  • Select the Security Type for your Wifi network.
  • Enter your WiFi password.
  • Your iSMP4 will now connect to your WiFi network and should display an Activation Code after a few moments. This is how you will know that it is connected to your network. 

Extra tips/notes:

> The keypad uses multi-tap entry, for example, pressing the 2 key repeatedly will go through the number 2 and the letters a, b and c in both lower and upper case. To enter a symbol, press the # key. To erase something typed, press the yellow key.

> When needing to go back a previous screen, Press red key to go back.
> To delete a Wi-Fi profile: press green key on highlighted Wi-Fi connection, press delete on next screen.

>If the device is plugged in, it will turn on automatically.


Please contact support by calling (916) 226-4062 or sending an email to for assistance regarding activating your chip reader in Party Center Software.

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