Facility Text and Labels


This page and its tabs are for customizing text throughout your facility, online booking, and online store.



-Online Booking



-Waivers 2





-Name for 'Guests' Or 'Children' Tab on Customer Form: Changes the name that is displayed for your guests throughout the website, for example, "Campers" or "Partiers"

-Invoice Email Subject: Where you would put things for your all Invoice subject lines throughout PCS like 'Thank you for booking!"

-Quote Email Subject: This will appear as the subject for Customer Quotes, saying things like "Estimated cost"

-Consumer Optional Guest Password Wording: This text will appear next to the password field when a customer is booking a party as part of inputting their customer information. This will only show if "Password required on Consumer side:" in Facility Info-Preference is set to Yes



-Consumer Email Verification From Mgmt Side: This is no longer a feature and will be removed in future updates

-Replacement For Word 'Tip': The text that is displayed where 'Tip' would go, you can change to things like "Gratuity"

-Replacement for Word 'Tips': The text that is displayed where 'Tips' would go, you can change to things like "Gratuities"

-Replacement for 'Total With': The text that is displayed where 'Total With' would go, you can change to things like "Combined With"

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Online Booking


-Invoice Email Subject: Changes the subject line on invoices that are emailed through the online booking process, often says things like "Thank you for Booking!"

-Description For Link To Add Participants: This text is shown when a customer is creating an account as they are booking as shown belowadd_participants.png

-Button Text To Add Participants: This text is also shown when a customer is creating an account as they are bookingadd_participants_button.png

-No Deposit Due message: This is the text that is displayed when a customer books a party that has no deposit due

-No Deposit Due message/No Payment Acceptance Module Message: This is the text that displays when a deposit is due for the party but there is no valid payment module set up for the facility. If you see this message and want customers to be able to make deposits online, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

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-Invoice Email Subject: You can change the Online Store Invoice subject from this field

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-Description For Link To Add Participants:  You can change the text that appears when  the customer is adding participants in waivers here

-Description For Link To Sign Waivers: This text helps describe the link to add a waiver

-Button Text To Add Participants:  This changes the text inside the add participants button

-Button Text to Add A Waiver: You can change the Add a Waiver button text here

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Waivers 2


 Waiver Done Page: This text appears after the customer has completed their waiver. You can change this to say things like "Please let the front desk employee know that you have already completed a waiver"

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 -New Account Email: From here you can edit the email that is sent to customers that create an account while booking or signing a waiver. You can use the replacement fields to auto-complete parts of the email that are specific to the customer.

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