Setting Up Your Facility

Login to your personalized link for the Party Center Software website
From the Toolbar select ADMIN
Under Facility, select Facility Info
Verify the information under the Profile tab is correct
You must hit Edit Information at the bottom of the screen to change any information on the pages referenced below.

Note: The fields with a red square icon next to them are mandatory fields.

FACILITY NAME This is the name that will be displayed on all the web pages, including the Online Booking Module, and also will be displayed on your Party Invoice.

HOSTED DOMAIN The link you will use to access this Admin panel.

LOGO IMAGE You can choose a logo that will be used to represent your company on the management screens as well as the Online Booking and Store (if purchased)

Your logo will be displayed throughout the Admin area. Please be sure to crop it to not more than 240 X 120 Pixels before uploading. Logo must be a JPG, PNG or GIF format.

  • Select Upload Logo
  • Navigate to the picture you have chosen
  • Click: Save Changes

ADDRESS This is the address that will be displayed on all POS Receipts, Party Invoice and the Online Booking Module.



PHONE This is the main phone number that your customers would call. This number will appear on the POS Receipt, Party Invoice and the Online Booking Module.

FAX This is the fax number to your facility. This number will appear on the POS Receipt, Party Invoice and the Online Booking Module.

E-MAIL This is the e-mail address that the system will use and show to customers when sending any correspondence to them. Please note that consumer email services (yahoo, gmail, etc.) have already begun incorporating heavy restrictions and automatic blocking on making email look like it's coming from a different source. For this reason we recommend using an actual business name address from your business website provider or other service. For example:, as opposed to

HOME PAGE URL You must include the leading http:// or https://. This will be the website address that is displayed on your invoices and on your online booking site, and will be needed for the logo in your online booking site to direct people back to your actual website. Here is an example of what the field should look like:

CONTACT INFORMATION The contact name, phone and e-mail are only used by in case we need to contact the owner/operator with questions.

Preferences Tab

TIME ZONE The time zone is setup for you when we create your site specific software. Please double check to confirm it is correct for your state/region.



Change the fields below according to your location

TAX RATES This is your local tax rate and any other tax rates you need such as some countries have a specific POS tax. Entering the tax rates manually is easy: just click the Add Tax Rate button and name the tax rate as you would like it and enter your tax rate such as 7.75%. You can add multiple taxes and apply them specifically to each item when adding products.




NUMBER OF DAYS DISPLAYED ON SCHEDULE This allows you to control how many days are visible at one time on the Schedule page. Default: 30. HINT: the lower this number is the faster your schedule will load.

AUTO-CLOSE ORDERS You can choose whether to have the system auto-close your orders upon final payment being received.

ALLOWED IP ADDRESSES PCS uses IP based security. In order to properly restrict access you will need to set up a static IP address at your location. This can be done by calling your Internet Service Provider. You need to enter that IP address in this dialog box. You may enter as many IP addresses as you would like. Just separate them with a comma. The Allowed IP Addresses are your way of specifying that the user is logging into the system from within your physical location. If you do not specify a static IP address the user will be granted full access from anywhere they log in.

EMAIL INVOICE TEXT This is the default text that will appear when sending an invoice via e-mail to the customer. You will have the ability to add to or modify this text with every invoice/e-mail sent.

COPY - INVOICE HEADER (Event Order) This information is what is displayed at the top of each Customer Invoice for an Open event order.

COPY - INVOICE HEADER (Event Quote) This information is what is displayed at the top of each Quote Invoice for an event marked as a Quote. Note: Online Booking Pending Review orders are also included for this Quote status and will receive this header.

COPY - INVOICE LIABILITY (Event Liability) This information is what is displayed at the top of each Customer Invoice for a Pending Review party order.

COPY - CANCELLATION POLICY This information is displayed at the bottom of each Customer Invoice for an Open event order.

COPY - INVOICE FOOTER This information is displayed at the very bottom of each Customer Invoice for an Open event order.

CUSTOMER EMAILS WILL BE VERIFIED Customers will receive an email where they need to click on a link to verify their email address before they can login. Default: No.

CONSUMER SIDE EMAILS OPT-OUT SHORT DESCRIPTION Custom short message for customer to opt-out of emails.

CONSUMER SIDE EMAILS OPT-OUT LONG DESCRIPTION Custom long description to explain to customer the opt-out of emails option.

CUSTOMER LOGIN MINIMUM AGE Minimum age for a customer to login. Customers only login when you have the password required option set. Default: 13.

CUSTOMER LOGIN DOESN'T MEET MINIMUM AGE REQ. MSG The message a customer sees if they are too young to be able to login.

ENABLE MODIFY ONE-TIME SCHEDULE SLOT Check to enable the Modify One Time Schedule Slot window to change date, time and event length. When unchecked you will view the Schedule to select an existing slot to move the event to.

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