Using the Contact Log

With parties constantly being booked, we want to make sure our customers have the best experience possible at our facility. Often this requires additional contact with our customers, whether it’s us reaching out to them to confirm a party date, or if our customer is calling in to make adjustments to their order the day before the event. Whatever the reason may be, we want to have an efficient and organized way to keep track of the interactions we have with our customers. Party Center Software’s Contact Log is the tool for the job!

Each event order in Party Center Software has it’s own Contact Log. You can access it by clicking on the Contact tab on the order as pictured below:




As shown above, when adding an entry to the Contact Log, you will see the date, contact type, notes, and who recorded the entry. The contact type is selected from the drop down list shown in the picture. This drop down list can be edited to better fit your facility (See Contact Log Types).

You can also view all of the Contact Log entries from each order all in one convenient place. To view this, go to the ADMIN page and select Contact Log under the Account Settings heading. Here you will see all of the Contact Log entries from all of the event orders.

Contact Log Types

When using the Contact Log in Party Center Software, you have the option to select a Contact Type in the drop down list. This explains how the contact was initiated, whether the customer called you, you called the customer, the customer emailed you, spoke in person etc… 

You can edit your Contact Types list to better reflect how your facility keeps track of customer interactions. To do this, go to the ADMIN page and select Contact Log Types under the Account Settings heading. Here you will see your current Contact Type options that appear in the Contact Type drop down list. You can remove types by selecting the Toggle Delete Mode option in the top right and clicking the ‘x’ that appears next to the name. You can add new ones by selecting Add Contact Type and filling out the associated information.

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