How to use the Activity Log

When using Party Center Software, there may be times when you need to confirm when certain activities have occurred. For example, you may need to confirm all of the login attempts made on a certain day, or see when items were added or deleted from a particular order.

Party Center Software’s Activity Log can do this for us, giving us snapshots of what activities have taken place. To access the Activity Log in Party Center Software go to the ADMIN page and select Activity Log under the Account Settings heading.

The Activity Log will show us a timestamp for an event, what happened and what user profile the activity was done under (see image). You can search the activity log by date range, or by categories. 



The Activity Log sorts activities into the following categories:

  • Report - This will tell you when and who searched for a report.
  • Logins - Logins tell you when a user profile has logged into the software.
  • Customer - When customer accounts are created or edited, it is logged under the customer category.
  • Order - Contains logs for event orders that have been created or updated.
  • Online Booking - Contains logs for online booking orders that have been created or updated.
  • POS - Contains logs for point of sale orders that have been created or updated.
  • Store - Contains logs for  online store orders that have been created or updated.
  • System - This category has logs for when facility info is updated or a user profile is created or edited.
  • Info - Each time a one time schedule block is created, it will be logged under the Info category.
  • Waiver - When a Waiver is added or updated a log will be generated under the Waiver category.
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