Manage Waivers


The Waivers screen is where you are able to create waivers, view past/current waivers, and choose which waiver is currently active in the system. Let's start by adding a waiver.





  • Waiver Name: Enter the name of your waiver here.
  • Expiration: Pick an automatic expiration date between 1 day and 3 years. The waiver expires this much time after the user signs it.
  • Question Sets For This Waiver: Select the Question Set you are going to use with this waiver, or pick "None" if your waiver does not require any questions. For more information, see Waiver Question Sets.
  • [P] Placeholders: This option will add a placeholder to automatically populate customer information for your waiver. You can choose information specific to the customer signing the waiver, or a grid for all participants stating Name, Date of Birth and Gender.
  • Waiver Text: You can use this word processor to create your waiver. As well, the icon showing a W over a clipboard allows you to paste from a Word document.
  • Active (When Checked): This makes this the active waiver in the system. You can only have one waiver active at a time. Note the warning on this line which states any other waiver will be made inactive when you select this.

You can save your waiver before making it Active so that you can take time revising it. Opening a waiver that already exists will bring up the same form with a few additional options:



  • Preview Waiver allows you to view the waiver as it will appear to the end user, including the attached question set. Use this to proof your formatting.
  • Copy Waiver is a useful tool for adjusting a waiver that already exists. It will create an inactive waiver with the same text and settings. Modify the copy and replace the previous waiver with it (if you are changing the waiver for policy/legal reasons rather than simple grammar issues, you may wish to expire the previous waiver).



Activating a waiver, as mentioned previously, will deactivate the old one. If there is nothing legally wrong with your previous waiver, you do not necessarily have to expire any signatures made on it; customers will show as Verified until the signature expires on its own. However, if you are replacing your waiver because the previous one did not sufficiently protect your business, you will be offered the option to expire those signatures immediately.

After checking the Active box, a second option will appear:



You'll only want to do this if it is absolutely necessary, as all returning patrons will have to sign again. You will be prompted for your password before you are allowed to continue with this change.



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