Manage Waiver Settings

Manage Waivers Settings

Hosted Domain

This is the link to your Online Waivers - the site your customers will use to sign a waiver online. Once you have updated all settings on this page, you can click on this link to see how your modifications will appear to the customer.

Sign A Waiver Minimum Age

This is the minimum age a customer must be to sign a waiver. When a customer creates an account they will enter their age and the system will only allow them to sign if they are this age or older.

Sign Waiver Doesn’t Meet Minimum Age Req. Msg

This is the message your customers will see online if they try to sign the waiver and they are under the minimum age.

Show Paper Waiver Expire Date On Profile

You are able to record the date a paper waiver was signed on a customer record. This feature predates the online waivers system and may not be as useful if you are starting out with online waivers. Check this box if you have paper waivers on record that are still valid, otherwise, leave it unchecked to process all waivers digitally.

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