Manage Waiver Question Sets

Question Sets are a great way to gather additional information or confirm specific details in the Online Waivers system. Before you create your question set, note that only one waiver and one question set can be in use at a time, and cannot be modified once it is active. Make sure to create your Question Set to gather all necessary information before going live with it.



If you are subscribed to our Waivers system, this feature will appear on the Admin screen under Waivers > Question Sets. Once there, click the Add waiver question set option in the upper right.



Next, enter a name for the Question Set you are creating.



Now you can enter your question. If you click Save Question, you will be prompted to create another question. If you hit Done, you will finish creating questions for this set.


Here are the options you will see when creating a question.

Question: This field contains the question you will ask your customer.

Question Type: This is what kind of input it will gather from your customer. The options are:

  • Text - an ordinary text box for the user to type into.
  • Radio - multiple choice options where the customer can only select one.
  • Checkboxes - multiple choice options where the customer can select as many as they want.
  • Select (drop down) - similar to Radio, but in a drop down menu. This is useful if you have many options and do not want to occupy a great deal of space.

Answer Size: If you selected the Text type, this is how large the input box will be.

Answer Count: How many answers you will be utilizing for a multiple choice option.

Answers: The answers to multiple choice options.

When you click Done, you will be brought to the Edit screen for that Question Set.


Here you have the option to add/remove questions, change the name of the set, or sort the questions.

Most significantly, this is where you'll see the option to make the Question Set Active. Once the set is Active, it can no longer be modified as it is now intended to be permanently attached to a Waiver.



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