Closeout/Summary Report

Why Should I Use The Closeout/Summary Report?

  • The Closeout/Summary Report is best for reconciling your transactions and using it to help guide your existing closeout process
  • You can also use the Closeout/Summary Report to match up with your batch report from the credit card processor
  • Filter between the standard Closeout and Summary report

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What data is the Closeout/Summary Report going to return?

The Closeout/Summary Report can be run by date, time, user, order type, POS station (if applicable), or by non-terminal payments that may have been transacted via the browser version of the software. The report will display the following:

  • Cash Payments
  • Check Payments
  • Credit Payments
  • Debit Payments (if applicable)
  • Prepaid Payments
  • Zero-Total Orders

The Closeout/Summary Report will also display the following:

  • Transaction type (Final, Deposit, Refund)
  • Customer (or Point of Sale if no customer profile is selected for POS orders)
  • Invoice number (with link to actual invoice)
  • Transaction notes
  • Transaction time
  • Transaction amount
  • User that processed the transaction







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