How to view all Cancelled and Rescheduled Orders

Q: Is there a report for analysis of economic injury? Is there a report to run to find all events that were cancelled and rescheduled and compare that to events that were booked?


A: Answering your question is a multi-part answer. You would have to find the number of events booked, the number of events rescheduled and the number of events cancelled from different places.

You can use the Party Statistics report to find statistics about all parties included in the parameters or you can use the Orders by Product report to find individual order numbers. I will show examples of the Party Statistics report below, but inputting the same parameters in Orders by Product will give the same results by order number.

To find the number of events booked, you could run a Party Statistics report for the month for all order statuses and have the date type be "Order Date". This will show all events ordered in the date range, regardless of current status.


For the number of events cancelled, you could run the same Party Statistics report with the date type of "Party Date" and only show Cancelled orders. Only orders that were supposed to occur in the date range that are currently cancelled would be shown in that report.


The number of events rescheduled has to be found using the activity log, which can be found at ADMIN--->ACTIVTY LOG. Once you get there, you would open the Advanced Search options and select your date range as well as selecting Order under the "Type" dropdown and click search.


You would then click Filter Current Results and then only check "New Time Slot Opened" as this is an activity log that only occurs when a party is rescheduled. You can then view a list of all orders that have been rescheduled in the date range selected.


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