Integrating Party Center Software into Embed

This information comes directly from and was written by Embed. This is a guide to configuring Party Center Software for use within your Embed System.

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PCS is an online third party booking system that functions similarly to EVENTS.
Once enabled all TOOLKIT booking systems (EVENTS and booking through ECS Interface) are
PCS integration works via General service, which will query the PCS system at a set interval for
new, updated or deleted bookings and synchronize these with TOOLKIT. This means there is a
delay between booking through PCS and when it is available to be seen in SALES.
If PCS is enabled and general service is unable to connect to the internet, or to the PCS API to
update bookings, then a message will be logged roughly 15 minutes after the last failed attempt,
and synchronization will automatically attempt to take place every minute until connectivity is
reestablished (after which it will return to the configured synchronization frequency).


A new feature management page has been added in GURU for PCS.
Site operators will need to talk to their PCS representative to get the following details, EMBED
can not provide these details to the customer. These details will differ on a site by site basis.
Authentication Server URL
Client ID
User Name
API Server URL
Synchronisation controls how frequently General Service will connect to PCS for new, deleted
and updated bookings.
This has a minimum frequency of every 30 seconds and a maximum of every 1 hour (3600
seconds). Default: 300 (5 minutes).
Below is an example of the configuration screen:
PLEASE NOTE: The information below needs to be provided by PARTY CENTER SOFTWARE this should be ascertained from the customer or from PCS

Redeeming a PCS Booking

All PCS bookings can be found in the regular bookings form for SALES
PCS bookings use a 'Default Area'. Like regular bookings they can be added to the sale (which
will add their deposit amount as an offset on the sale amount), however any additional products
booked online will NOT be automatically added to the sale. These additional products can be
viewed in the Additional Products screen, which is accessible via the View Products button.
They must be manually added to the sale via the product search or sale template buttons..
The Additional Products screen is accessible via the bookings form even after the deposit has
been added to the sale. Once the sale is finalized the booking will be removed from the bookings
form, so it is important to add all the additional products before finalizing the sale containing the
Once a PCS booking is placed into the sale it will cease to synchronize that booking and deposit
details with PCS. However if the booking is removed from an in progress sale, synchronization
will resume as usual.
If the booking is in a finalized sale it will permanently stop synchronizing details with PCS.
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