Integrating Embed into Party Center Software


Party Center Software is able to integrate with your Embed account.
This integration allows you to sell your Embed System cards directly through Party Center Software, as well as purchase items in Party Center Software with an Embed card.

This article is designed to walk you through the set up process.

Before Getting Started

You will need to contact Embed to make sure the following changes have been applied to your Embed system before the integration can be enabled by Party Center Software.

These changes are required to allow Party Center Software to communicate with your facilities Embed server:

  • License Update: Please inform the Embed team that you would like to have your Embed license updated so the Party Center Software integration can work.
  • Local Network: In order for us to communicate with your Embed system you may need make Local Area Network changes (LAN) so the two systems can communicate. Embed can walk you through the requirements and provide knowledge base articles to aid the set up.
  • Product Template: All products that you want to load into Party Center Software must be set up using the proper product template (mobile_template). Embed can walk you through how to configure your products so they work with the integration.

Setting Up Your Embed Account in Party Center Software

You will need to obtain the Facility API URL, Facility Key, and Facility Secret from your Embed account.

You may need to contact Embed directly if you are having trouble finding this information.
Here is a link to the Embed support page.

Once you have obtained this information, log into Party Center Software and go to Admin > Payment Acceptance.

Click on New Payment Acceptance.

Select Embed Card System (Game Cards).

Enter your Facility API URL, Facility Key, Facility Secret, and provide a description for the account.

Click on Prepaid.

choose Yes and check everywhere that you would like to use Embed in Party Center Software.

Once you save changes, you will be ready to begin using Embed within Party Center Software.

Mapping a Product in Party Center Software to a Product in Embed

You are now ready to create products in Party Center Software that correspond with products you have created in Embed.

Go to Admin > Products.

Select Add Product.

Select Advanced Products Prepaid.

Set Embed System to Yes and click Map Embed System Product.

This will populate a list of products you have created within Embed.

Select one of your Embed products and notice that the Name, Value, Play Bonus, and Embed Product ID have been automatically populated with information from Embed.

Party Center Software has the ability to load Value and Bonus onto an Embed card.

NOTE: If you have already applied tax to the product's price in Embed, the following message will display:

Assign this product to an existing category or create a new one

You are now able to load this Embed Product onto an Embed card through Party Center Software.

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