Suggested Hardware, Computer And POS Requirements

Recommended Internet Connection

Please remember that the speeds quoted below are dedicated speeds. If you allow access to the internet by customers or staff for non-POS use this will adversely affect your speed and functionality. As our application is web based, you'll want to make sure you have a broadband internet connection that can keep up with the demand of your business. If shopping around, consider this as a minimum guideline:

  • 1-3 POS Terminals: 6mbps down, 1mbps up
  • 4-6 POS Terminals: 10mbps down, 2mbps up
  • 4-6 POS Terminals + Waivers kiosks: 15+ mbps down, 3+ mbps up
  • Terminals, waivers, and guest access: as high as you can go (PCI Compliance requires certain firewall and security standards be in place when your guests are using the same broadband connection you are processing credit cards on. You may find it is easier and more efficient all around to have a separate line for your guests.)


Point-of-Sale Station:


POS Supported Operating Systems

  • Microsoft Windows 7, 8.1,10 
  • Must have .NET 3.5 installed and updated

For customers using our Point-of-Sale system, we can install our POS Terminal application which connects PartyCenterSoftware to your Point-of-Sale hardware. Currently, POS Terminal is only available for Windows platforms. Processes that do not require POS equipment such as a receipt printer or cash drawer to function will still be available on most platforms capable of running a web browser (including Mac OS and mobile devices). See Office / Booking / Reporting below.


Recommended PC Hardware Requirements

  • CPU: Intel i5 Quad-Core (or equivalent)
  • RAM: 4GB to 8GB
  • Monitor: 17"+ (1280x800 resolution or higher)


Minimum PC Hardware Requirements

  • CPU Processor Speed: 2.4 Ghz
  • CPU Cores: Dual or more
  • An example would be MODERN 2.4+ GHz Intel Dual-Core (or equivalent) or Intel J1900 Quad-Core for low power systems
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Monitor: 15"+ (minimum resolution 1024x768)


A few other things to consider:
Always prefer an Ethernet connection for your POS Terminals rather than WiFi. Letting guests or employees access a wireless connection sharing bandwidth with your main network will result in slowdown as they start watching videos or downloading other content. This symptom will get worse as you get busier. If using a secured wireless connection for staff, make sure you are using the most up-to-date security standards. WPA2 is acceptable, WPA and WEP can both become compromised with relative ease.

Finally, please consult the following resources to ensure that your network meets compliance standards. You may consider having a security professional audit your network.



Supported Receipt Printers:

Party Center Software technical support staff members are trained in the setup and troubleshooting of certain Epson thermal receipt printers. Recommend models are:


  • TM-T20 & TM-T20II – USB
  • TM-T88IV & TM-T88V – USB or Ethernet
  • TM-T70 USB


Supported Cash Drawers:

 Printer driven cash drawers simplify the setup process. Some manufacturers offer variations on a model with multiple connection types. Check with your POS hardware provider to ensure that the cash drawer on order is Epson printer compatible and will be shipping with the correct RJ-12 interface (looks similar to a phone cable, but is different in the wiring).


Printer Driven Cash Drawer (Recommended)

  • MMF Val-u Line Series
  • M-S Cash Drawer Economy
  • M-S Cash Drawer EP-102N
  • Other brands and models which are known to be compatible with Epson printers. If Epson compatibility is not specifically listed in the name or description for the device you are considering that is not on this list, presume it is not. Check with your hardware vendor.


USB Cash Drawer (if not using a printer)

  • M-S USB Drawers
  • APG USB Drawers



Supported card readers/swipers (For non-E2E and accounts):

  • Magtek 21040145 in keyboard emulation mode
  • Magtek 21073062 Level 2 Security ONLY, Unencrypted in keyboard emulation mode. Check the product description before ordering to ensure that it is not the Level 3/encrypted model, as these currently will not work.
  • Logic Controls/Bematech MR1000

Many other unencrypted swipe devices in keyboard emulation are compatible, but the above are tested and known to work.


Supported card readers/swipers (E2E/Hosted Checkout):


Our end to end encryption security update is now certified with Mercury/Vantiv Payment Systems! The​ ​security​ improvements​ provide end to end encryption (E2E) through our software when a compatible E2E credit card reader is used. We've included a link above for the E2E device we've tested. You must purchase the device directly through a Mercury/Vantiv Authorized distributor or contact Mercury/Vantiv for rental or purchase options. Please note that readers purchased from other online retailers will likely be either not encrypted or not encrypted properly.

*Note - The swipers listed above do not work with Party Center Pay or any other EMV payment options.

Supported Pole Displays

  • Epson DM-110 (printer driven or USB)
  • Logic Controls/Bematech PD/LD series displays


Supported Bar Code Scanners

  • Symbol LS2208 (1D simple reader on paper)
  • Motorola DS4208 1D/2D (To scan QR and other 2D codes from paper or from any screen or mobile device)



Office / Booking / Reporting

The following requirements assume that you are only using PartyCenterSoftware for event management, online booking, or other tasks that do not require the usage of POS equipment. As you may still be using these computers to process credit cards, it is important that your operating system and web browser are still supported by the original developers with security updates.


Supported Operating Systems

  • Microsoft Windows 7, 8.1, 10
  • Apple Mac OS X 10.7+
  • Apple iOS 7+
  • Google Android 4.2+


Supported Web Browsers

  • Internet Explorer 10+ (11 recommended)
  • Safari 7+
  • Mozilla Firefox or Firefox ESR updated to latest version*
  • Google Chrome updated to latest version*

* These browsers support automatic updating.



Waiver Kiosk / Online Booking Kiosk

This kiosk would be used by customers in order to fill out liability waivers using our Online Waiver system. It could also be used by customers to book parties through the Online Booking feature.

The same software requirements listed under the Office / Booking / Reporting section apply here. Online Waivers are tested on the desktop as well as on iOS, Android, and Windows tablets. 9" or larger tablets are recommended for the best customer experience. Kindles and similar devices may not work.

Make sure to disable autofill and password saving on the web browser you are using at the kiosk.



Tablet Point of Sale Station

This information pertains to the Microsoft Surface Pro 3, but can also be applied to any later versions. Please make sure to acquire all appropriate accessories relevant to the version you have purchased.


Minimum Surface Requirements

  •  Surface Pro 3 i3 1.5ghz


Recommended Surface Requirements

  •  Surface Pro 3 i5 1.9ghz 
  •  Surface Pro 3 i7 1.7ghz 
  •  Type Cover for Surface Pro 3
  •  Surface Pro 3 Docking Station



Once more, if you want to use our software with a tablet computer and you do not need to drive POS hardware, see our Office / Booking / Reporting section above.

Note that Surface Pro tablets other than those listed above are NOT tested, and any Surface tablet running Windows RT is NOT compatible with OPOS drivers. Only the full desktop version of Windows is compatible with Point-of-Sale hardware in our system.

Additional Recommendations


  • See the Point-of-Sale section above for a full list of supported printers and other hardware.
  • Consider network printers instead of USB if your cashiers or hosts will be carrying the Surface tablet with them (such as to the customer's table).
  • Adding the Docking Station and Type Cover will greatly enhance the experience if the station is going to be staying in one place most of the time.
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