Time Clock

Using the Time Clock feature

To use the Time Clock, you should see the Time Clock button on the gray bar next to My schedule

It is required to log in when using the time clock every time to ensure that employees are only using their own login and user to clock in and out.

Once the user logs in, they can create notes that will be added to their clock in/out




Edit Time Card

From the Admin screen, underneath users, there is the option for Edit Time Card. From here you can edit other employees clock in's and out's. You can either view all clock times in a date range or view clock times from a specific user. If you click "Include All Users", it will show each user whether or not they had a clock time in that date range.


You can also add clock entries, for example, if somebody forgets to clock out by using the options below the report options. You can also add multiple clock times at once, but only for one user at a time.

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