Employee Scheduling

This module will give you the ability to schedule employees to work outside the scope of hosting events. This allows you to manage your employees' work schedules, unavailability, event hosting. The landing page for the Employee Scheduler will show event hostings, employee schedules, and unhosted events.

Schedule View

The schedule view is the main landing page for the employee scheduling. It is also used in the My Schedule tab for each employee as well as the Assign Host page to help you see when employees are available and to optimize your scheduling.



The top of this view is a graphical representation of the schedule. Below you have the report view. You can print out the report view in a single day and 7 day report using the Print Report option in the top left of the main schedule screen.

Entering In Schedule Dates

  1. From the Admin screen click on Scheduler under the Employees header
  2. To create a reoccurring Schedule (same as you would with events) click Manage Blocks
  3. To create a single working time for an employee click Single Day

Reoccurring Schedule Blocks

A reoccurring schedule block defines an employees schedule that replicates during a time frame. For example: Bill works from 9:00am - 12:00pm Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 6/11/2011 - 8/11/2011.

To create a schedule block:
1. From the Employee Scheduler page click Manage Blocks
2. Click Create Blocks
3. Input the date range and select an employee from the drop down
4. The Employees Time Off requests and Event Hostings will show up for reference on the right of the screen
5. Select the Days of the week that you want this block to use
6. Input the Shift start time and Shift end time
7. Click Schedule Day

You have just created a reoccurring schedule block. You can delete these blocks from clicking on Manage Blocks from the main Employee Scheduler page.

Employee Unavailability

Click Manage Unavailability, choose the employee, then update the unavailable dates.

Single Day Scheduling Instead of creating blocks that are reoccurring, you can create a single employee shift as well.

  1. From the Employee Scheduler page click Single Day
  2. Select the Day and Employee
  3. The employee's requested time off will show up on the right of the screen for reference
  4. Input the shift start time and shift end time
  5. Click Schedule Day

Editing a schedule

From the View Schedule or main Employee Scheduler screen you can view and edit a schedule for a single day as well as hosted and unhosted events.

To edit a schedule:
1. Select Edit Schedule
2. Select the day you wish to edit
3. Now either delete employee time slots by selecting the corresponding check boxes and clicking Delete Selected Times or select edit next to an employees time slot and edit the details of this slot.

Assigning Hosts

The functionality now exists to assign hosts from the scheduler, eliminating the need to go into each event to schedule hosts.

  1. Click Assign Hosts from the Employee Scheduler main screen
  2. Select the day that you wish to assign hosts
  3. A list of all hosted and unhosted events will show up
  4. Click on the order number to be taken to the Assign Host page to add/modify host assignments



The assign host page has also received a face lift. Employees that have requested to be unavailable during the event time are greyed out. The schedule for that day will now show on the right and the event time period will be highlighted. This allows you to easily see which employees are scheduled to work during this time or the events they are hosting.

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