Setting Up Your Vendors

Some of the products your facility offers may need outside management, be they food deliveries or special service orders. The vendors page allows you to add and manage these vendors, so that you can keep track of this information. Each product created in Party Center Software can be associated with a vendor. But first, you'll need to set up your vendors before you can add them to individual products.

Adding a Vendor

From the Admin screen:

  • Under Product Management select Vendors
  • Select Add a Vendor
  • Fill in the Vendor information

Existing Vendor Screen


 Add New Vendor Screen


Vendor Name - The name of the product vendor as you want it to appear in the system and on reports.
Contact Name - The main contact person at the vendors facility for your employees to contact.
Address - Vendor physical address. Country, Street, City, State, Zip Code
Phone - The main contact line for this vendor.
Email - Email address for the vendor or main contact for reports and orders to be sent to.
Fax - The main fax line for the vendor.
Active- Set the vendor to active status or inactive.
Notes- Any additional notes that should be considered with this vendor. Example: All pizzas must be ordered 30 minutes prior to delivery time.

After all of that information is entered, select "Add Vendor" to save them to your vendor list. At any time you may edit a vendor by going to the "Manage Vendor" screen and clicking on the name of the vendor. Select Edit Information to change any of the vendor's information or to set the status to Active or Inactive.

You can now add this vendor to individual products as well.

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