Setting Up Your Vendors

Setting Up Your Vendors

It is imperative that you complete this step before going on to Managing Products!

From the Admin screen:

  • Under Product Management select Vendors
  • Select Add a Vendor
  • Fill in the Vendor information

   Existing Vendor Screen


    Add New Vendor Screen



Vendor Name - The name of the product vendor as you want it to appear in the system and on reports.
Contact Name - The main contact person at the vendors facility for your employees to contact.
Address - Vendor physical address. Country, Street, City, State, Zip Code
Phone - The main contact line for this vendor.
Email - Email address for the vendor or main contact for reports and orders to be sent to.
Fax - The main fax line for the vendor.
Active Radio Button - Set the vendor to active status or inactive.
Notes- Any additional notes that should be considered with this vendor. Example: All pizzas must be ordered 30 minutes prior to delivery time.

  • Select Add Vendor to save them to your vendor list.
  • At any time you may edit a vendor by going to the "Manage Vendor" screen and clicking on the name of the vendor.
  • Select Edit Information to change any of the vendor's information or to set the status to Active or Inactive.
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