How do I make a Tip Adjustment?

Note: Tip Adjustment is not available for all payment processors

Tip adjustment is used after the customer left and gave a tip on their receipt. This allows you to charge that tip against their credit card without re-inputting the card information.


Step 1-Input the Tip


In the above order, the party has already been paid for, leaving it at a balance of $0. Click the Tip button to input the customer's tip.


The above window will pop up and allow you to input the tip amount.


The order will no longer be balanced since you have added $20 to the total amount to be paid. If the customer was still at the facility, you could charge them normally but typically the customer leaves as soon as they leave the tip. The following steps will detail how to add this tip to the existing payment.


Step 2-Click on the Transaction


The transactions on the order can be found on the payments tab of the order, where you can see the payment that was already applied. Click on the transaction ID of the payment.


Step 3-Click on Adjustment


Note: If the payment has already been batched by the payment processor, the Adjustment, Void, and Refund options will not be available. Please reach out to your payment processor to ask about your accounts batching time.

All of the information in Party Center Software's system on this transaction is displayed here. You can adjust the amount of the payment, void the transaction or refund the transaction from here.

Click on Adjustment


Step 4-Input the Adjustment amount (Tip amount)


 Input the amount of the tip in the Adjustment Amount field


Once you input the tip amount, the system will automatically calculate the new amount to be paid

Click submit


Step 5-Check the order

Clicking submit will close the window and the below message will appear on the bottom of the page.


You will then see the payment amount and balance change to be including the tip amount as shown below



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