Managing Customer Accounts

Table of Contents:

Searching Customer Accounts
Adding Customer Accounts
Managing Customer Accounts
Required Customer Fields

As your business grows and your customer base expands, you will need a simple way to organize and keep in contact with your customers. Party Center Software’s Customer Account feature will allow you to do this effectively with minimal effort. Select the Customers tab at the top of the page to get started!




Searching Customer Accounts

After selecting the Customers tab, you will arrive at the Customer Search tool. From here you can find existing customer accounts, or create new ones. Accounts can be found by using the alphabetical sorting list at the top, or by the search bar, using a customer's name, email, or phone number. New accounts can be created by selecting the Add Customer button in the upper right corner of the page and filling out the associated information.




Adding Customer Accounts

There are two methods of a customer account being created. The first is a customer creating an account themselves when booking a party online. The second is creating a customer account yourself in your Party Center Software Portal. Regardless of how the customer account was created, it will still show up in the customer search list.

To create a customer account, select the Customers tab at the top of the Party Center Software Portal. On the Search Customers page, you will see an Add Customer button in the upper right corner. After selecting Add Customer, enter the associated account information.

Any field with a red box at the left is a required field. You can change which fields are required, make certain fields optional, or even hide fields by using the Required Customer Fields tool (See Required Customer Fields heading for more information).


Managing Customer Accounts

Once a customer account has been created, you will be able to view or edit information, add notes, view associated people and/or organizations and any waivers a customer has signed. 

Four tabs at the top of the page organize the customer’s information for us. 

  • Info - The info tab has all of the customer’s contact information.
  • Notes - You can add or read any notes or additional information for the customer’s account.
  • Activity Log - Any orders created or edited, waiver signed or expired, or account information changed will show up in the Activity Log tab on the customer account.
  • Waivers - All associated waiver information for the customer account will show up here in the Waivers tab.
  • Loyalty - The Loyalty tab contains all of the Orders and revenue associated with the customer account. See the Customer Loyalty support article for additional information.

The box on the right will have information for the associated People and Affiliated Organizations for the account. The People heading will most often have the children the account holder is responsible for in your facility. Affiliated Organizations is most often used for individuals who are organizing company events or school field trips that will be held at your facility. Both people or organizations can be edited by clicking on the entry in the list.



Required Customer Fields

We can make certain customer account fields required, optional or even hide them by using the Required Customer Fields tool. Go to the ADMIN page and select Required Customer Fields under the Account Settings heading.



Here we see three columns; Online Booking, Online Store and PCS Portal.

  • Online Booking - These are the fields that a customer will see when creating an account themselves online while booking a party
  • Online Store - These are the fields a customer sees when making a purchase using the online store.
  • PCS Portal - These are the fields you see when you create an account for the customer in the Party Center Software Portal.

We can apply three different options to a field; Required, Optional and Hide. You will have to decide what information you want from the customer and make sure those fields are set to required. Be sure to click the Save Changes button at the bottom to save your selections.


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