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The administration screen is the hub for most management interfaces of the PCS Portal. Below are brief descriptions of each button and a link to their individual articles






Facility Info: Has a lot of basic information about your facility and some basic options such as tax rates and invoice text 

Facility Text And Labels: This will have a variety of text that you can edit throughout the online booking process and throughout the website

Login Display Text: From here, you can change some of the text that appears in the PCS portal via text sets

Account Text Sets: This menu allows you to edit and add text sets that the customer sees when creating an account on the Online Booking Module

User Groups: From here, you can edit and add permissions that are granted by your user groups as well as who is in those groups.

Users: This is where you can edit and add users and assign them into user groups

Edit Time Cards: This option allows you to edit your employees time cards



Account Settings


Payment Acceptance: You can go here to view what payment methods are enabled for your facility, but you cannot change any of these settings only view them.

Required Customer Fields: From here, you can adjust what information is required when filling out customer information and what information is optional

Referral Sources: From this menu, you can add new referral types and edit existing ones

Contact Log Options:  Here, you can adjust the types of contact used for the contact log

Customer Status Options:  You can adjust the available customer status's that are selectable from here

Contact Log: Here, you can see the combined log of the entire facility's contact logs

Activity Log: At this menu, you can see the combined log of the entire facility's activity logs



Product Management


Products: This option has a lot of options so that you can edit and create your items and events that are sold in your facility

Checklist Items: From this screen, you can edit and create checklist items for orders

Vendors: This is where you can edit and create vendors for use in orders

Discounts: From here, you can edit and create discounts for use on orders



Event Slot Schedule


Add Schedule Dates: From here, you can create new schedule blocks

Delete Individual Dates: From here, you can delete individual schedule slots without deleting the whole block

Schedule Blocks: From here you can view all of your current one-time and normal schedule blocks



Point Of Sale


Button Groups: From here you can edit and create button groups for the POS screens and buttons

POS Screens: From here you can edit and create the POS screens available and the buttons included in them

PCS Registers: From here you can see all of the POS stations that are used by your facility and edit settings like receipt options for each station



Online Booking


Online Booking Settings: From here, you can see the link to your Online Booking Module and various customizable texts as well as email addresses that cancellation and other emails are sent to

Online Booking Test Sets: From here you can edit and add text sets that are used in the Online Booking Module

Image Resources: From here, you can upload images that can be inserted to some text fields elsewhere in the website

Policies: From here, you can add and edit policies that appear when using the Online Booking Module



Online Store

If you have not created an Online Store


Create Store: From here you can name your Online Store and see the link that is generated for your Online Store. You can also edit several text fields and put in the email address that you want order confirmations sent to


If you have already created your Online Store


Online Store Settings: From here, you can see the link to your Online Store and several customizable text fields as well as the email addresses that are used for order completions

Online Store Text Sets: From here, you can add and edit the text sets that appear in the Online Store

Online Store Products: From here, you can add, remove, and edit the products that are offered in your Online Store





Waiver Settings: From here you can see the link to your Waivers site and adjust the minimum age for waivers

Question Sets: From here you can create and edit question sets that used in signing waivers

Waivers: From here, you can create new waivers and view your existing waivers

Recently Signed: From here, you can view the most recently signed waivers and their customers.








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