Processing a refund with Party Center Pay


Refunds performed through Party Center Pay must be linked to the original transaction.
This means that you must locate the original order that contains the payment that you wish to refund.
You will not be able to perform a refund otherwise.

NOTE: Refunds for the full payment amount can only be performed after the payment has been batched. This usually takes a full business day.

Please use the Void method if you wish to return the full amount before the payment is batched.
You may still perform a partial refund before the payment has been batched.

Refunding through the Point of Sale and Party Orders

This article will assume that you have located the original order and have it ready.
Once you have done so, use the following steps to perform a refund.

NOTE: Refunds with Party Center Pay can only be issued on payments that have been made with Party Center Pay. If a payment was made with another processor, then the option to make a refund with Party Center Pay will not appear.

Step 1

The first step is to re-open the original order. Refunds cannot be performed through a closed order:
The order will be ready for a refund after clicking the Re-open button:

If trying to perform a refund from a Party Order, the screens will vary slightly. You will go to the order that you are trying to refund. You will then go to the Payments tab.




Step 2

Click on the Payment ID in the order's Payment History:
Doing so will open the following screen:

NOTE: If you wish to refund the full amount and the payment has not yet been batched, please use the Void method. You cannot refund the full payment amount until the payment has been batched.

Step 3

Click on the Refund button:
Clicking the Refund button will open a checklist of the products purchased in this order:

Step 4

Check the product(s) you wish to refund:
NOTE: If you do not wish to refund the full amount of a product, click on the product name to modify the amount you are refunding for that product:

Step 5

Once you have checked the products you wish to refund, click Submit to proceed:
Doing so will process the refund and close the order:

If you take a look at the original order after the refund has been processed, you will noticed that the product(s) you checked have been added back into the order with a negative quantity. This was previously a manual process, and still is for all other payment processors in PCS:
This is to ensure that your reporting maintains its accuracy. You will also see the refund recorded in the order's Payment History:



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