Manage Store Products

How to add items to your storefront

These settings may be accessed from Admin > Store Products

See image below for the following: 1. Select items in this list and then click the Add selected items to store button below. You may use shift+click and ctrl+click to select multiple items at once.
2. The product title, description and graphic will appear here as they will appear on your actual Storefront. If it is incomplete, update the product accordingly.
3. Like POS buttons, you can set the price of Storefront items individually. Keep this in mind when doing global price changes.
4. You may click the "Edit Product" link to jump off to an item's Products page if any of it's information needs to be updated. As well, you can use the "Remove" link to take items off the online store.



Online Booking Tab on Products



With the Online Store enabled, you will have the this option tab available on supported product types. The only option currently is the Online Store price. When doing global price changes, this can save you time when changing prices on a per-product basis.

POS Buttons and Online Store items set their prices independently of a product's base price and will not automatically update when the item's base price is changed.

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