How to set up a per person party or event.

When setting up a party or event and you want to make it a per person charged event you need to do a few things.

The primary thing you need to do is set your Standard Guest Count to Zero.  What happens with the party fees is that the system says that everyone in the standard guest count is included for the base price.

Usually if the party has a up to 10 guest for $200 your Standard Guest Count would be 10 and your Base Price would be $200. Thus only AFTER the 10 Standard Guest would you start charging the Additional Guest Fee.

For a per person party you will usually set the base price to ZERO (as you are charging per person), the Standard Guest Count to Zero and Additional Guest Fee to whatever your per person fee is, for this example we will use $10 per person fee.  Usually in a per person event there is a minimum guest count such as they must bring at least 10 people.  You will need to set the Minimum Guest Count to 10 for this example.  Your Exceed The Max Guest Fee should be at least the same as the Additional Guest Fee so that it will continue to count and charge as you go over the Max Guest Fee number.

Base Price: Zero

Standard Guest Count: Zero

Minimum Guest Count: 10

Additional Guest Fee: $10

Exceed The Max Guest Fee: At least the same as the additional guest fee or greater.

The screen shot below shows you how it would look if you did a basic guest count (next screen shot will show you adult/child guest counts)

Here is how it would look for a per person with Adult / Child Guest Counts.

Finally, you will need to navigate to the Online Booking tab and set the "Include Guest Fees" option to "Yes." This will set your online booking module to accurately display to your customers the per person price.

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