How to Adjust Your Settings for Receipt Printing

There are a number of settings in PartyCenterSoftware specific to your receipt printer. These settings can be different for each POS Terminal in your facility to serve different needs. These include:

  • The station name.
  • The default screen for this station.
  • The number of characters wide the receipt printer will print.
  • How many receipts are printed for cash, check, credit/debit and prepaid transactions.
  • The text displayed at the footer of the receipt.
  • The idle text for your line display.

First, you'll need to select PCS Registers from the Admin screen.


Next, select the POS station you wish to edit. They are listed by the names you gave them at setup, and each one can be configured differently. This can be helpful if you want different footers at different stations, or need extra receipts printed for certain admissions. If you are accessing the software through a register, an extra field will appear stating which register you are currently using.


At the final screen, you'll see the settings for that work station. You'll see that you can specify the paper width, the exact number of receipts that will print for each payment type, and insert the footer text you wish to use at this station.



After that, just click the "Save Changes" button at the bottom of the screen and you're done!


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