How Long is the Timeout Feature for Online Booking Orders?

Q. Is there a time limit on online bookings that are not completed by the customer? If so, how long? Also, is there a time limit on a pending order? Do we need to confirm this order in a certain amount? Will it be cancelled if we don't confirm in that amount of time?

A. The time limit is 45 minutes for OBM orders (the 45 minute window resets each time a customer performs an action in the OBM). If the order shows "Pending Review - Online Order" status on the admin side, it can stay in that status forever because this means the customer has completed the reservation. The next step is to either change the order status to open or cancelled by opening the order and updating the status accordingly.

If the order says "Pending Review Online Order - (in progress)" on the admin side, this means the customer has not yet submitted the order and is still within the 45 minute window they have to complete the transaction. You will also notice for In Progress orders, the customer name will display as "Not Yet Determined".

OBM Order - In Progress:

OBM Order - Pending Review:

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