WorldPay Gift Card Setup and Processing


Using the Party Center Software Gift Card module with WorldPay, you can currently perform the following functions:

• Issue gift cards
• Reload gift cards
• Check balances on gift cards
• Redeem gift cards
• Report gift card sales and redemption through standard report
• Void Gift Cards

Once you have setup and enabled your prepaid Gift Card account under your current retail account with WorldPay Payment Systems, please follow the steps below to setup, process and issue your WorldPay Gift Cards:

Ensure you have enabled your prepaid account under Payment Acceptance from the Admin Menu

Enable the appropriate actions for Admin, Point of Sale, and Non-Point of Sale

  • From the Admin menu, click Products under Product Management
  • Click Add Product
  • Under Advanced Products, click Prepaid
  • Product Name should match the denomination of cards you're creating (i.e. Gift Card $20)
  • Under Product Category, Create New Category, Name It "Gift Cards" (or your preference here)
  • Enter Value (this is how much the prepaid card or certificate will cost as well as how much it will be worth in redemption value)
  • Active (Choose Yes to use this product)
  • Enter Product Description
  • Enter Barcode (optional - in this barcode section, you have the option to enter one general barcode that is specific to the group of cards you're selling)


Selling Gift Cards

  • Setup your Gift Cards in your POS just as you would for all other POS products
  • In the Point of Sale, choose your Gift Cards screen
  • Select the desired Gift Card item
  • Select Pay, choose method of payment
  • Select Tender


Issuing Gift Cards

  • Once the Gift Card has been sold, please follow these steps to Issue the Card
  • Click Issue Now under "Issue Prepaid Items" on the left side of the POS


  • In the Issue Account Window, verify the dollar amount and swipe the card or manually enter the card number on the back of the card you just sold (only use the first 19 digits of the card), click submit
  • If successful, the Order will close automatically



If Unsuccessful, you will see the message below (this indicates an incorrect card number or that your prepaid account has not been successfully setup)


Gift Card Balance Check

You can check the card balance by doing the following:

  • From the Admin page, click Point Of Sale
  • Next click on "Check Prepaid Account Balance"
  • Enter card number, click submit


Voiding Gift Cards

  • Gift cards can be voided  through the Worldpay Portal
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