User Security Groups

Adding User Security

From the ADMIN screen:

1. Under Facility select User Groups

  1. If you would like to edit an existing group select the group by clicking on the name. Otherwise, select ADD USER GROUP from the upper right

  2. Input a group name and select CREATE GROUP

Here is where you will edit the permissions that you will allow for this group. Refer to the descriptions below for the clarification on what will be affected when this is checked or left blank.




  • Closeout - this is the same information that will appear on the closeout report. This allows the user group to download this report in .csv format onto your computer.

  • Customer List - this will allow the user group to download all of the customers and their information in .csv format to your computer.

Module: Online Booking (Requires subscription to online booking)

  • Site Manager - Manage any options associated with online booking. Setting Display text, emails, additional products, etc.

Module: Online Store Front (Requires subscription to online store front)

  • Site Manager - Manage any options associated with the online store front.


  • Can Cancel Orders - User group will be able to cancel already open orders

  • Can Search - Ability to search any type of order within the system from the Order Tab

  • Change Item Price - Ability to change the cost of an item, event, package, or order from the POS or Event Invoice -If a user group does not have this permission enabled, they will not be allowed to change the price of an item. The manager over-ride button will appear on orders when the user group doesn't have this permission giving an Admin user the ability to over-ride the item price

  • Contact Log Editor - Allows the user group to edit the notes or delete entries in the contact log in an invoice

  • Payment Editor - User group will be able to delete payments or edit notes within a Party Invoice or POS order

  • Payments - Live Payment Processor- User group will be able to process payments from the POS Terminal or Party Invoice

  • Toggle Tax Exempt Status - Turn Tax ON or OFF for orders

Orders- Events

  • Can Assign Host - User group will be able to assign a host during party booking or from the customer invoice

  • Can Clear Checklist Status - On the checklist under an open invoice the user group can complete or edit the status of a checklist item

  • Can Reopen Closed Orders - If an event order has been closed the user group will be able to reopen it and edit the information in the order

  • Change Event Type - From the invoice the user group can change the type of the party (affecting the price as well)

  • Create One Time Schedule Slot - From the schedule page the user group will be able to create a one-time event that does not have a preset time block

  • Delete Others Incomplete Order - If an orders status is incomplete the user group will be able to remove it from the system

  • Order Viewer / Creator - User group can view and create orders in the system (Essential for in-house party booking)

Orders (POS)

  • Can Reopen Closed Orders - The user group will be able to open closed POS orders from the order screen or search and edit the contents including cancel or remove payment

  • Order Viewer / Creator - View and create orders in the POS screen Page Access

  • Activity Log - This page allows the user group to see any changes that were made to the system or recent account activity.


POS Terminal
  • Open Cash Drawer without Sale - When No Sale is pressed in the POS screen the cash drawer will open without having to complete a sale
  • Cash Analysis
  • Closed Store Orders Report - Displays all closed online store orders
  • Closeout Report - Shows all cash, check, or credit card transactions for a single day
  • Closeout Summary Report - Shows the summary of cash, credit, and credit card transactions displayed by place of purchase (online store, POS, in store)
  • Contact Log Report - Displays all the contact that has been made and recorded in the contact log of Event Orders
  • Employee Party Schedules - Shows parties that have been scheduled with the employee scheduled to host for a specific time period
  • Invoice Balance Report - Displays the balance of invoice for payments made and amounts that are due
  • Order Referral Report - Displays the results for the total number of referrals per categories created
  • Sales Analysis - Analyzing your sales itemized by product
  • Sales by Product (cash accounting) - POS and party add-ons will be shown individually. Parties and packages will remain as 1 item not showing anything included in the original package as an additional item
  • Time Cards - Time Cards reports for all users in the system for a specific time period
  • Tips -View a report that shows all tips collected through party orders and associated by employee
  • Contact Log Type Manager -Add/Edit the categories that will be available for the contact log drop down menu
  • Facility Information and Settings Manager - Update facility Information,, Preferences, Online Text Sets, Policy, etc.
  • Point Of Sale Manager - Create and edit the POS buttons, screens, and products
  • Product Manager - Add/ Edit products, events, and checklist items
  • Referral Sources Manager - Add/ Edit Referral Sources
  • Referral Sources Viewer - View referral sources
  • Schedule Blocks Manager - Create one time event blocks and event schedules
  • Vendor Manager - Add/Edit Vendors
  • Vendor Viewer - View list of current vendors

Tab Access- Gives the user group access to any of the selected tabs. Giving a user group access to a page does not give them access to all the features on the page. Make sure the user group has appropriate settings to utilize the pages. If there are not sufficient settings and a page is selected the user group will still be denied access.

  • Admin
  • Customers
  • Employee Schedule
  • My Schedule
  • Orders
  • Point of Sale
  • Schedule
  • Time Clock
  • Vendor Reports
  • Contact List Manager - Edit the contact list
  • Contact List Viewer- User group will be able to view hosts within the contact list but not edit the list
  • Contact List Viewer (all entries) - User group will be able to view all entries in the Contact List
  • Employee Scheduler - User group can schedule employee
  • My Schedule Viewer / Manager
  • Time Card Manager - Allows the user group to edit and view time cards and notes
  • User Manager - Ability to add or edit users
  • User Viewer - User group can view but not edit or add other users

  • Waiver Manager Allows user group to add and edit waivers
  • Waiver Verifier Allows user group to verify waivers
  • Waiver Viewer Allows user group to view waivers
Next Steps

After you have configured the settings you can do either of 2 options:
1. Select Save Changes to create the group
2. Scroll back to the top and assign the permissions to specific users then select Save Changes

ALL - This will assign this user to this group regardless of where they access the software.
INT - This option will give the user this group when they have logged in from a specified/ approved IP address that is set up in Facility Preferences (In most cases this is where you would assign a user more permissions)
EXT - This option gives the user this group when they login from any IP other than your preferred IP address (in most cases you will limit a user's access when they login from an external IP address.

You can also access this screen from the Users page. When you open a user or create a new user you assign them to a group
Multiple groups can be assigned to a member. Example: one for INT and one for EXT. If 2 groups are assigned for the same setting (assign user Joe to ADMIN and POS when logging in from and External IP) the higher security settings will take effect.

Static IP Address - Advanced Security

Party Center Software uses IP based security. In order to properly restrict access, you will need to set up a static IP address at your location. This can be done by calling your Internet Service Provider. You need to enter that IP address in this dialog box on the Facility Info page.

You may enter as many IP addresses as you would like, just separate them with a comma. The Allowed IP Addresses are your way of specifying that the user is logging into the system from within your physical location. If you do not specify a static IP address the user will be granted full access from anywhere they log in

The above INT and EXT settings are based on the system understanding what is an INTERNAL or approved IP address. That is one that is ONLY found within your facility. An EXT or EXTERNAL IP address is basically any address that is NOT the approved, allowed or internal IP address(es)

Restricted User Modifications

Restricted User Modification Security /Edit User Security Role

If you are assigned the USER MANAGER security role, it will only allow you to add or change settings that you yourself are assigned to. In theory, this means that when an employee is adding or modifying other employees' security roles they cannot edit or change any roles that they are not assigned, and thus cannot change someone who has greater roles than they do.

If the user who is making the changes does not have every security role that is assigned, then that user will not be able to make any changes to that group nor add or remove users from that role.

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