Managing Users

Managing Users

  • If you would like to setup custom security groups before creating users, go here.

From the ADMIN page to add a new user:

  1. Under the Facility category select Users
  2. Select Add User
  3. Enter in the User Profile Information
  4. Click Add User


User Information
User's first and last name as it is to appear in the system, email, and main contact phone number at where the user may be reached.

Username and Password
This will be the username and password that the user will use to access the software.

NOTE:The password must contain:
7 characters minimum
1 Uppercase character
1 Lowercase character
1 Number
1 Special character

This is to increase the security of the site and meet PCI guidlines.

User Groups 
To understand this better please read this article found here.
User groups are inherited. If multiple groups are assigned for the same user the permissions will be combined for all groups.

From the ADMIN page to modify an existing user:

  1. Under the OTHER category select Manage Users.
  2. Select the name of the user you would like to edit. The name will be red. This screen will look similar to the Add User screen.
  3. Here you can change any of the user options as well as Deactivate the account. To do this select "No" on Active radio button.
  4. Once all changes have been made, click Save Changes to update and save the modifications.



Password Reset
This allows the user to reset their password from the login screen if they forget their password. This will also unlock the account if it is locked.

If you have a user that you do not want to access the software, for example an employee that has been terminated, make sure to set their account to INACTIVE. This will ensure that they cannot login to the software by resetting their password. The lockout feature is only for lockout due to too many login attempts.





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