Adding Schedule Blocks

Schedule Blocks are used to create actual event time slots on your schedule. Depending on the complexity of your schedule, you may require anywhere from a few blocks to a few dozen.

For the Management of existing Schedule Blocks, click here.

From the Admin screen, go to Event Slot Schedule > Add Schedule Dates. Here you will see the following form:

Date Range
Here you will define the overall time span this schedule block is valid for. Currently, your schedule blocks can go up to 5 years out. With this, you could build your schedule for the entire year and implement seasonal changes.

If you need to add a One-Time schedule slot, click here for more information.

These schedule slots will recur on these days every week. You may find yourself building separate schedule blocks for weekend availability versus weekdays. Note: date and time settings on schedule blocks cannot be edited; the blocks must be replaced. For one example, if you anticipate you might change your Friday availability versus the rest of the week, you should build separate blocks for Friday.

First Event
The time that your first event of the day starts.

Last Event
The time that your last event of the day starts. Do not set this to your closing time. If you have 2-hour parties and your facility closes at 6, it would be logical to make the last event start time 4pm. If you're only adding one time of day in this block, make the First Event and Last Event start times the same.

Event Length (minutes)
The overall length of the event. This setting is customer facing, so include the overall party time rather than just their time spent in the party room.

Interval (minutes)
This is the amount of time between the start time of events. Be careful when inputting this value, as interval doesn't consider the length of the events in any way. For example, if you are creating a block with 2-hour parties and need 30 minutes between starting times for cleanup, you would set the interval to 150 rather than 30.

This will add additional schedule blocks with the same settings as the one you are creating. This is useful if you have multiple party rooms running the exact same schedule. This number is how many additional blocks to create, so setting this to 1 would ultimately create 2 blocks.

Event Types Available
These are the events you can book into this time slot. Think of the party room/facility you are creating this schedule block for, and select any parties that may be permitted in the room at that time.

  • Your time slot will be filled by booking any one of the parties you've selected, so you do not need to worry about double booking. This block covers one event space in your facility at the specified time.
  • The event you select as the Default will be the first choice on your internal schedule. That is, an employee will see the Reserve button representing this party, but can select one of the other parties during the booking process. The chosen event can also be changed on the order itself, so if a customer wants to upgrade to a different party package in the same room, you may offer to do so with any event in this block.
  • The Online Booking side does not utilize the Default event. Your customer will select the party that they are interested in, and then the available times from this block will display as options.

Managing Schedule Blocks

To remove or edit schedule blocks, from the Admin screen, navigate to Event Slot Schedule > Schedule Blocks. The Manage Block link will allow you to change the events that are available at those times. If a schedule block was configured incorrectly or no longer matches your schedule, click the pink X to delete it. Note: any parties booked at those time will remain on the schedule.

Once more, the date/time settings of a schedule block cannot be modified. If making schedule changes, remove blocks that are no longer valid and create new ones.



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