How to setup a Logic Controls Pole Display

Do not connect your pole display to your computer before installation. If you have attempted to set up the display with no success, disconnect it from the computer, uninstall any drivers you attempted to install, and restart the computer with the device disconnected.

If your pole display connects by USB, you'll need to install the USB driver first. This is a quick automated process. Click the link that corresponds with your operating system below.

Click here to get the OPOS drivers for your pole display. Extract the archive and run setup.exe inside. All default options are appropriate, so just proceed directly through the installation.

Pole displays sometimes have issues staying connected to the computer. After installing the driver, we would recommend:

  • Shut down the computer
  • Connect the pole display
  • Start the computer

Next, go into Windows Device Manager. You can do this by right clicking on Computer, selecting Properties and then choosing the option on the left. Even if your pole display is connecting via a USB dongle, it will typically appear as connected to a COM port here. Verify the device is recognized.



Now that we know what COM port the system sees the display on, let's test the unit in Logic Controls' test utility. From All Programs, select Logic Controls PD OPOS > Setup.



Change the Set Port field to whatever you identified in Device Manager. Next, note the Display String, as this is the text that will appear on your display if the test is successful.

To test the unit, click the buttons in the following order:

  • Open
  • Claim
  • Enable Device
  • DisplayText

Verify the Display String and you're done configuring the device. Now to add it in PartyCenterSoftware. Click Preferences in the top of POS Terminal and set the Pole Display.




Pole displays may periodically stop communicating with the operating system. This can be resolved almost every time with a simple restart and power cycle.

  • Shut the computer down (do not restart).
  • Disconnect the pole display from power and the communication port.
  • Allow 15 or more seconds to pass, then reconnect the pole display.
  • Start the computer and test the display.


Sometimes the pole display may stop working after software changes or a Windows update. If so, remove all drivers and software for the device and start at the top of this document.

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