How to Configure an APG USB Cash Drawer

First, you will need to download the OPOS driver that matches your particular drawer. Use the table below for reference.

APG_OPOS_ADK_v3.32.2CCO APG OPOSADK v3.38.1 Single Drawer USB
554A (if using multiple)
554A (if only using one)

If you do not see your model listed above, contact APG technical support.

  • Unzip and run the setup file in the installer application.
  • After setup completes, open the APG OPOS Configuration Utility.

  • It will attempt to automatically add your drawer. Right-click on the model number and select CheckHealth to test that the drawer opens.

  • If it loaded the incorrect driver, or if you have an additional drawer to add, right click on CashDrawer and selectAdd Device.
  • In the prompt that opens, select your device and optionally name it.

  • Once added, verify the unit passes CheckHealth as mentioned above.
  • In PCS POS Terminal, click the Preferences button in the upper left, select the Cash Drawer tab, and select the name of your APG drawer.

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