Manage Tag Sets

Tag Sets are utilized by the Sales Analysis Report, the Cash Analysis Report, and the Sales-by-Hour Report to help narrow down and group together relevant information. This can help you keep track of certain product categories without having to sort through the Product & Category Accrual Report.


To create or manage existing Tag Sets, select Manage Tag Sets For Reports under Admin > Facility.





Here, we can either select a Tag Set to modify, or add a new Tag Set. 




Specify a name for the new Tag Set. This should describe the overall group of tags you are creating. 







With a Tag Set selected, you can choose to edit the tags contained in it, delete tags, or add more tags. 






When naming a tag, name it how you want it to display on your report. You will see an example of this further down. 







Take a look at the tag editor below. This functions mostly with drag and drop.



  • Show Inactive Products: (1) Toggle this option to show products that are not marked as active. This may be useful for running reports for items you no longer have available for purchase. 
  • Available Products: (2) Products that are not in the current tag. Drag and drop to the column on the right to add them. 
  • Products in Tag: (3) Products currently in this tag. Drag and drop to the trash can on the right (4) to remove them. 
  • Associated tags: (5) When you select an item in either of the two columns, any tags which that item currently exists in will be displayed below. 






When you select a tag set on a report, it will break the results down by the different tags you have created for it. Our example below shows a Sales Analysis report run for a Tag Set called “Events”, with tags separating events that do and do not include laser tag. 





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