Online Booking Standards

One of the primary reasons you joined the Party Center Software team was the Online Booking option!

We've created a set of standards to ensure your website communicates to your customer that you now offer Online Booking as a method of ease and convenience for reserving events and parties. Your Party Center Software representative will assist you or your website contact with getting these simple OBM standards in place, and get your facility on the path to Reservations - Real Time!

  • OBM icon/link (Book Your Party Now!) in Header, visible throughout the site

  • OBM icon/link (Book Your Party Now!) in Footer, visible throughout the site

  • OBM icon/link on Contact page

  • OBM icon/link on the Birthday Parties page + a link for individual parties advertised on page

  • OBM icon/link on every page where there is contact number or email address

Ultimately anywhere one of the following is displayed we recommend putting a text link that reminds them to Book Online Here:

  • Party or Event Name

  • Party or Event Price

  • Email Address

  • Phone Number

  • Address

  • Form or Contact Area









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