How to Create Discounts


Before we start creating the discounts, we need to enable the ability to do so:

  • From the Admin tab, click on 'User Groups', then select the group we would like to give access to discounts.
  • Scroll down to the section titled 'Orders'
  • 'Apply Premade Discount' will allow a user to discount an item
  • 'Manage Discount' will allow a user to create discounts. Please note, this permission doesn't need to be selected in order to apply a discount
  • Save

  • Also ensure your products are allowed to be discounted by selecting yes in the field below

Now we can create our new discount

  • From the admin tab, click on Discounts

  • Click on 'Add Discount'

  1. Discount Name: Title your discount
  2. Discount Code: Short Code
  3. Type: Select whether you would like to make it a dollar or percentage discount
  4. Amount: The percentage or dollar amount you would like to discount from an order
  5. Discount Allowed Per Item: Yes will allow you to select the discount to apply to a single item, No will not
  6. Discount Allowed Per Order: Yes will allow you to select the discount to apply to a full order, No will not
  7. Active: Will allow you to make a discount as active or inactive, so it will or will not be visible

Now we need to set the permissions for this new discount we created. Click on the 'Discount Permissions' Tab.

From here we can select which user groups will have access to be able to use this discount. In this example, we've given the Administrator and Manager permission, as well as created a new user group for 'Discount Manager' and 'Discount User'.

Save Permissions, and they will be able to start using our new discount.

Let's see the discount in action!

We'll take a look at Last Item Discount first. From our POS screen, we'll add in the items the customer would like to purchase. When we get to an item that we would like to discount, select 'Discount Last Item'.

In the pop-up, select which discount you would like to apply to that last item. You can also add a comment as to why that item was being discounted, then click Save.

Please note, if the person does not have access to apply a discount, it will prompt for a manager override. The manager will be able to enter their credentials and apply the discount for the user.

Now we see our 10% off discount added to that last item.

Let's try a full order discount! 

After all the items have been added to the order, click on 'Discount Order'

The pop-up will allow us to select our discount, add a comment and save.

Now, below our Subtotal, we see our full order discount.

The process for applying a discount to an event order is virtually the same. Choose the "Discount Order" link in the lower left of the order info tab:


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