Creating Promotional Gift Cards

Creating Promotional Gift Cards

This article will cover how to add promotional/promo gift cards, often used during special sale times or drives such as the holidays, Black Friday, etc. This method will allow us to have a "pay $50 and get a $75 gift card" kind of product in the software, and can also be used to create a "pay $50 and get two $30 gift cards" kind of product.

We'll be utilizing the package product type within the software, so we'll be creating a prepaid product and a discount product in order to add them to the package. Remember, in order to add items into a package, they need to exist as products within the software first. It doesn't matter in what order we create the products, but the package itself should be the last thing created.

You will need to be utilizing Vantiv/Worldpay Gift Cards setup within PCS in order to create this item.



First, go to your Admin tab and select Products under Product Management.





From your products list, go ahead and select Add product.





We're going to go ahead and create the gift card item first, but once again, it doesn't matter which order you create the products that you are adding to the package.





Select an existing category or create a new one, name your gift card product, and set the value to what you want it to be for the customer. In this case, I created a new category specifically for this promotion and set the value to my desired $75. I also chose to make this item not available online, as I don't want this prepaid item created for a package to be confused with a standard gift card my facility offers by other users of the software. Select Add Product at the bottom.





Now return to your products list and select Add product again, this time choosing the Discount product type.





Again, select what category you would like to add this discount product type to, name the product, and set a negative number for the discount value. You'll want to make sure the discount item value you create here subtracted from the gift card prepaid item value you created earlier will come out to the price you want your customer to pay. Once again, you'll see that I chose to keep this within the same category, named it specifically to be used for this promo package, and chose No for Available For Online Booking. Select Add Product at the bottom.





Now that we have both our prepaid item and discount item added into the software, we can create the package itself. From your products list, select Add product again, choosing Package.





It is important when creating the package product in the software that we set Schedulable Event to No, as we want to create an item to sell, not a party for customers to book. Choose your desired category, create a name, and select Add Product at the bottom.





Once we have the package product added, we need to add the prepaid and discount products to it. Select the Packaged Items tab and navigate to the categories you added the items to previously. Add those items, one at a time, to the package.





Once that is done, you should be seeing something similar to the screen below. From here you can choose to hide from the customer receipt or order the individual items that make up the package.





If you are not using Point of Sale, you are now done and have this package item added into your software. You can add it to a party invoice through the appropriate product drop down on the order invoice info tab.

If you are using Point of Sale and would like to add this package item to one of your Point of Sale screens, select the Point of Sale tab and click here.





Once that is done, you'll be brought to the Existing point-of-sale screens interface, and you can follow the article directions found here to add/configure the item to/within your Point of Sale.


Your customer's $75 gift card for $50 is now ready to be sold. Note that you can follow this same method for multiple gift cards by simply adding two prepaid products to the package, allowing your customers to pay $50 for two $30 gift cards, for example.


This concludes the walkthrough for Promo, Holiday, Black Friday, etc. Gift Card creation within PCS.


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